Make Your Event A Hole In One!

North Dakota’s Portable Mini Golf Experience that we bring to you! Our 9-hole course is perfect for any occasion!

 For Fun We Are The One!

Everything is included! Clubs, Balls, Obstacles & FUN

Loved by one and all.  Ages 3 – 103

Remember we come to you. Less Stress! More FUN!

Portable Mini Golf

Our Mini Golf course is a great addition to any type of Fair, Festival, Camp, School, Church or Corporate event!

9 Holes

Each hole has its own unique obstacle & every hole is challenging for children and adults alike.  Holes can be configured in different ways depending on the space provided

Professional Staff

Par4MiniGolf provides a professional, trained staffer for your entire event. We also provide putters, golf balls, and enough scorecards and pencils for all of your guests.

You’re Going To Love Glow Golf!

Everything is included! Clubs, Balls, Obstacles & FUN

Loved by one and all.  Ages 3 – 103

Remember we come to you. Less Stress! More FUN!


• Glow-in-the-dark mini golf

• 9 different holes
• Putters for adults & kids
• Fun & Challenging obstacles
• Mini-golf attendant

• Colorful LED lights
• Amazing glow experience!

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    What areas to you serve?

    We are available for events 365 days a year. We serve the North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota. If you are outside this service area, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your exact needs.

    Can you set up indoors or outdoors?

    Our mini golf course can be set up in either indoors or outdoors.

    How much space do we need for the course?

    Each hole measures approximately 7 feet x 24 inches. Some of the holes use multiple pieces to create L shapes. Generally, a space approximately 4 x 8 feet is appropriate for each hole to allow space for golfers to have adequate access all around each hole for ease in putting.


    Because of the individual nature of the holes, our setup has a lot of flexibility and holes can be spaced in one large indoor area like a gym or banquet room, spaced out in hallways, or set up in individual rooms. Outdoors, spaces like a lawn, driveway, sports court, etc. work well.


    Another consideration is that mini golf works best on surfaces that are as flat and level as possible.

    What types of events do you do?

    Everyone loves mini golf! We can present mini golf at all kinds of events—children’s and adult birthdays, holiday parties, picnics, churches, school carnivals, fairs and festivals, fundraisers, corporate events and more.

    Is this appropriate for both kids and adults?

    Yes! Everyone from 3-103 loves mini golf. Our inventory of putters includes toddler, child, and adult-size clubs and the challenge level of the holes accommodates golfers of all ages.

    How many holes are provided?

    While our packages are based on 9 holes if you have limited space we provide options for 3, 6 and 9 hole courses.

    Are the holes all different from one another?

    Each hole has different elevations, hole locations, permanent obstacles for unique challenges.

    Is an attendant included to operate the course?

    Yes, in order to ensure a great experience, we include a staff member with all course rentals to supervise and keep everything organized. For longer rentals, or special situations, please contact our office to discuss.

    What type of access is needed to setup the course?

    The course can fit through a standard 36-inch wide door, but a larger door is helpful. Because of the size of the individual holes for the course and obstacles, we need adequate space to maneuver to get the course into a space. Please reach out to our office and we’ll be happy to assist with setup and access questions particularly if stairs, elevators, or long distances from the delivery van to the setup location are needed.

    How long does it take to set up and tear down?

    This depends on how easy the access is from our van to the setup area. Typically, it takes 30 – 60 minutes for setup and about the same amount of time for teardown.

    How large a group can you accommodate?

    Golf course capacity is measured by “players per hour.” Everyone plays at a different speed, but generally speaking a 9 hole course can accommodate approximately 40 players per hour at peak efficiency. Playing 9 holes takes the average player about 15 minutes.

    Is tipping required?

    Tips are always appreciated by our team but never expected.

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